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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What were they thinking?

We'll just mark this one in the stupid file. So, someone in the President's office gave the clear to fly the jumbo jet (officially known as Air Force One when transporting the President) over the skies of Manhattan on a clear spring day. How stupid can they be? They say they notified state and local officials but if you ask Mayor Bloomberg, he had no idea this was going to happen and would have told them NO. Word is they told law enforcement officials and asked them NOT SAY ANYTHING!

It's another example of this inexperienced, inmature, unremorseful, pre 9/11 mentality running this country. Had this been a republican administration, the left wing media would have been all over this saying they had no feelings for the folks of New York. But since this is the administration of "the one" it is chalked up to a mistake. What you might not know is another one of these fly over photo-ops had been planned to fly around the Capitol. As one who was on Capitol Hill on 9/11, I can't imagine living through that fear again. For obvious reasons, they cancelled that photo-op.

Tomorrow marks Obama's 100th day in office, only 1336 more days to go!

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