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Monday, April 13, 2009

It is time to protest..

I was watching "Your World with Cavuto" on Fox News Monday and they interviewed a guy who said that the tea parties were "a sham and a fraud". Clearly he is a left wing nutcase who refuses to listen to reason. These tea parties are not about taxes and they are not about Republicans. They are about Americans who believe this country during the past 8 years has gone a spending spree and they must be stopped. Of course, the left would say they are "a sham and a fraud" because they refuse to listen to the voice of reason.

Americans are tired of government spending money faster than the mint can print it and in the meantime asking us to make "sacrifices." Now I will give into the notion that the majority of people attending these parties are Republicans who are outraged at the amount of spending that the Obama and his croonies in Congress are doing.

Here are a few things to think about. When you have a Congress that passed a bill with a price tag of $787 billion without reading it, you know it is time to protest. When you have a Congress that flat out states they aren't concerned if they lay trillions of dollars of debt on future generations and perform "generational theft", then you know it is time to protect. When state governments start inventing new taxes to make up for their budget shortfalls, then you know it is time to protest. When you have a Congress that raises corporate taxes which send companies and jobs oversees, it is time to protest.

We need politicians with guts. Someone to say enough is enough and start cutting spending. Now people in the public sector will lose their jobs but they will be picked up by the private sector when companies start producing more. We simply cannot keep raising taxes to make up for state governments that have not been fiscally responsible. The federal government giving them money is only making the matters worse. Hats off to those states (Texas, Alaska, South Carolina, Mississippi - I may have forgotten one or two) that refused most or all of the stimulus money.

Now repeat after me "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore", feel better???

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