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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Republican come back?

The Republicans in the House took a giant risk against this new president by voting NO twice on the porkulus bill. It was a risk I think was worth taking. I opposed the spending the GOP did during the Bush administration (their hands aren't free from this massive deficit) but it's time Republicans return to the principles that define us. Sean Hannity lists his top 10 items for Victory in 2010 and 2012. Here is the list from his website:

1) National Security - A candidate that pledges to NOT demean our military while they are fighting for their Country and a candidate that promises to ensure that our veterans can live out their lives in dignity.

2) Oppose Appeasement - A candidate who will oppose any and all efforts to negotiate with dictators of the world in places like Iran, Syria, N.Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela without "pre-conditions"

3) Tax CUTS and fiscal responsibility - A candidate who Pledges to ELIMINATE and VOTE AGAINST ALL Earmarks and pledges to BALANCE the budget

4) Supporter of "Energy Independence" - A candidate who supports immediate drilling in Anwar and the lower 48 but also build new refineries, expand coal mining, and develop new energy technologies for the future

5) Secure our borders completely within 12 months - A candidate who will use all available technology to help and support agents at the border and train and hire agents as needed

6) Healthcare - A candidate who will look for Free-Market solutions to the problems facing the Healthcare industry, and will vigorously oppose any efforts to "nationalize healthcare"

7) Education - A candidate who pledges to "save" American children from the failing educational system by fighting for "CHOICE" in education and let parents decided where their children go to school

8) Social Security and Medicare - A candidate who will "save" social security and medicare from bankruptcy

9) Judges - A candidate who vows to support ONLY judges who recognize that their job is to interpret the Constitution, and NOT legislate from the bench

10) The American Dream - A candidate who accepts as their duty and responsibility to educate, inform, and remind people that with the blessings of Freedom comes a Great responsibility. That Government's primary goal is to preserve, protect and defend our God given gift of freedom.

If Republicans go back to these principles, I believe we can win back the Congress in 2010 and the White House in 2012.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fiscal discipline? Are you kidding me?

Did you catch the president's weekly radio address? He had the guts to mention that his new budget which will be released on Thursday is and I quote "sober in its assessments, honest in its accounting, and that lays out in detail my strategy for investing in what we need, cutting what we don’t, and restoring fiscal discipline." Excuse me, fiscal discipline? Didn't you Mr. President just sign into law a trillion dollar spending bill?

I agree the GOP didn't practice fiscal discipline while in office and I'm not about to excuse them for their chicken little "the sky is falling" approach to the banking crisis. They inturn did their fair share of panic talking and told us if we didn't pass the TARP plan, the sky would fall. Does anyone remember that the House didn't pass the bill when it was first introduced and guess what, the sky didn't fall. We should have stopped right then and there.

Now, back to the President and his "fiscal discipline". If he really believed in "fiscal discipline", he would have cut out all the pork in the porkulus bill and passed a true stimulus bill. Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) responded to the president's address and stated "Congressional Democratic Leaders have a lousy track record on spending taxpayers' money, accusing them of rushing through the stimulus plan and the financial rescue so quickly that members didn't have a chance to read it."

Also mentioned in the radio address, tax hikes (big surprise, we knew it was only a matter of time). A lesson in economics Mr. President, you NEVER, NEVER raise taxes during a recession. You certainly don't need to be raising them on corporations (as that which has been proposed) because corporations create jobs in the private sector. Oh but I forgot, "O" thinks everyone should be supported by the government.

Please Mr. President, stop telling us you "inherited" this problem. You wanted the job, now you have it. It's your economy now, and from what I see you know nothing about it and will only make matters worse.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Had enough America?

The Declaration of Independence guarantees Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to each American. The Declaration of Independence (DoI) and the Constitution do not guarantee that the government will pay your mortgage, your health insurance, feed you, put gas in your car, etc. These my dear are up to you to provide for yourself.

Rick Santelli of CNBC stood on the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange and announced what the majority of Americans (you know the ones that are responsible and pay their mortgages on time each month) are thinking. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! The Obama administration is making a huge mistake dragging our great country from Capitalism to Socialism and we are not going to take it anymore. It's a slap in the face to the American who works hard and saves his/her money so they can have a home, a car to drive and take that annual vacation.

I think it was fitting that Santelli's rage was on the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange. Remember the "O" administration told us they don't take into effect what happens on Wall Street when making decisions. Well maybe they should. Have they seen the dow since being elected? It's down some 2,000 points. Not that I need to tell you that, just look at your IRA or 401K. The markets don't like him or his policies. Have you noticed that each time the President or one of the cronies in his administration or Congress speak the dow drops further? I would appreciate it if they just shut up (and I don't like to use that word much) but its appropriate at this time.

It's time we let individuals and businesses who can not make it on their own, fail. Yes, fail and you know why? Because failure only sets you up for the next success. If you can't run your business honestly and successfully, then close and move on but don't make the American people bail you out. A side note, I was against the TARP bailout back in the fall and am against it now.

Oh another thing Mr President, stop with the fear tactics. You so badly want to be FDR and to quote him "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". Well according to you, we nothing but fear. You won this election on fear so stop it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The markets don't like the porkulus plan

It's official, the markets don't like, dare we say hate, the stimulus (or as many of us like to call it porkulus) bill. Since the election, stocks are down 27%. The day our Tax Evading, Treasury Secretary gave some sorry speech about the bank bailouts, the stock market fell 400 points. The day Obama signed the porkulus bill, stocks fell some 300 points. Anyone else see the writing on the wall?
Our free market system is on life support. We don't have time for 2012, we must make sure true Conservatives get elected in 2010 if we ever want to see our free market, Capitalist society return.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its the difference between the right and left....

Let me make it as clear as possible. The difference between a Conservative Republican and a Liberal Democrat. When there is a budget deficit, Democrats believe in raising taxes while Republicans believe in cutting spending, plain and simple.

Monday, February 16, 2009

What was the rush?

Let me ask you, would you ever sign a piece of paper your lending agent put in front of you without reading? Would you ever sign a piece of paper that your insurance agent put in front of you without reading the fine print? Of course not. But that's just what Congress did Friday at the expense of the taxpayer. Why, because according to the President, we had to pass the bill or the world would come to an end. Yet, he is waiting a full three days until he signs the stupid thing.

I guess he was just in a hurry to get it passed knowing that the American people were hot on the heels of the Democrats for what this bill is, full of entitlement spending for their supporters. Had we had time, I bet Congress could have read the darn thing and maybe, just maybe voted against it. The economic crisis could now wait while he takes a 4 day vacation.

I thought the sky was falling?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Porkulus Bill

Today, is a sad day for Capitalism and America. I urge you to contact your House and Senate members and ask them to vote NO on the porkulus bill. You can contact your member by visiting the following websites - or

Congress will show us today just how irresponsible they are by voting on a bill that 99% of them have NOT read. Why you ask?? Because the leadership doesn't want them to, especially the GOP, who they say will be voting against it so why bother. The Dems and the President are so eager to push this bill down your throat because they know it won't work. Each passing day, more and more Americans become weary of what this is supposed to do and the large amount of pork thrown in it. I do believe I saw the President's nose grow Monday night when he starred straight into the camera and said "there was no pork in this bill". Oh really, here's just a few "stimulus" items:
  • A $246 million tax break for Hollywood movie producers to buy motion picture film
  • $650 million for the digital television (DTV) converter box coupon program
  • $248 million for furniture at the new Dept. of Homeland Security headquarters (go to IKEA or even Crate and Barrel and save)
  • $400 million for the CDC to screen and prevent STD’s (this one really gets me, here's the solution don't sleep around, problem solved and $400 million saved)
  • $10 million to inspect canals in urban areas
  • $6 billion to turn federal buildings into “green” buildings
  • $1.2 billion for “youth activities,” including youth summer job programs (up to age 24, I thought youth was up to age 18?)
  • $88 million for renovating the headquarters of the Public Health Service
  • $160 million for “paid volunteers” at the Corporation for National and Community Service (definition of volunteer - unpaid or without payment)
  • State Medicaid Bailout: $87.7 billion Through 3 different mechanisms, the bill would provide additional federal funds to state Medicaid programs over the next 3 years. This is nearly $70 billion more than the governors asked President Obama for in December, and should be a loan to be repaid by the states.

For a complete list, I urge to to click on this link to Senator Tom Coburn's web site -

You know the only reason the President wants bipartisanship is because this bill won't work and by bringing in Republicans he can say "we all voted for it". But the GOP in the House knew better and kudos to Rep. Eric Cantor (Minority Whip) for bringing the GOP together and standing firm against the pork. I wish we could say the same thing for the Senate. It shouldn't have come as a surprise that Senators Arlene Spector, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snowe would abandon ship and vote with the Dems. I think come next election cycle they should be challenged by true Conservatives who believe in three small principles - limited spending, small government and Capitalism.