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Monday, February 16, 2009

What was the rush?

Let me ask you, would you ever sign a piece of paper your lending agent put in front of you without reading? Would you ever sign a piece of paper that your insurance agent put in front of you without reading the fine print? Of course not. But that's just what Congress did Friday at the expense of the taxpayer. Why, because according to the President, we had to pass the bill or the world would come to an end. Yet, he is waiting a full three days until he signs the stupid thing.

I guess he was just in a hurry to get it passed knowing that the American people were hot on the heels of the Democrats for what this bill is, full of entitlement spending for their supporters. Had we had time, I bet Congress could have read the darn thing and maybe, just maybe voted against it. The economic crisis could now wait while he takes a 4 day vacation.

I thought the sky was falling?


  1. What was the rush? The liberals knew that if the vote was postponed someone might actually read the material and listen to their common sense inner voice and vote NO. They also knew that our "Leaders" were more concerned about their weekend plans and just wanted to get it over with so they could leave town. If our leaders were really concerned about our future wouldn't they be more attentive to what they were voting for. Or is an award more important than our future?

  2. I thought Congress would RUSH the porkulus bill over to the White House so it could be signed as soon as it arrived on Obama's least he said he would sign it that quickly because we all knew the sky was falling!!! But it seems we could wait long enough for him to get to Colorado and be among friends and supporters to sign the bill that "could not wait"!!!
    Good work Laura, keep it coming.