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Friday, June 5, 2009

Etiquette lessons

Can someone please get our new president some etiquette lessons? Here are just a few of his etiquette gaffes.
1) Returns a statue of Winston Churchill given to President Bush by our closest ally, Great Britain. Why? We don't know but it doesn't say much for his view of Britain as an ally;
2) Gives Great Britain's Prime Minster and his family some sorry gifts probably picked up from a local tourist shop in D.C., next, time put a little thought into will ya?
3) Seems our new president can't get off his lazy butt and hold a proper news conference (just check out video from any press conference held overseas with say Britain, Germany, France and see that they hold proper news conference);
4) He bows to the King of Saudi Arabia (the United States President doesn't bow to ANYONE);
5) He gives the Queen of England an IPOD with speeches by the president (how conceded is that?);
6) Turns down an invitation for dinner from the French President and his wife. Now, who does that????

It seems our new president doesn't only need history lessons but etiquette ones as well. God help us!

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